Frequently Asked Questions

As a team of content writers, it is essential for us to identify the target audience and understand their needs, preferences, and personality to craft content. For this, we take assistance from analysts and review the provided data. We may also take insights from your sales team or customer service team.

Yes, we can. There is a specific, comprehensive process that our team follows to develop a content strategy. Right from defining the objectives to identifying the audience, there is a lot that our content strategy covers.

This goes two-ways. If you can provide us the topics, it would be well and great. If not, we can create a timeline and a calendar for you, including all of the possible topics/subjects to write on.

Usually, the client makes us familiar with the requirements to outline the content tone. If not, we consider varying factors, such as brand personality, audience profile and channel to define the tone.

Yes, we can. Our content team is adept in writing SEO-friendly content. Thus, by collaborating with us, you can rest assured of ranking higher.

We prefer gathering information about a subject from popular reports, websites, journals and published sources to craft credible and reliable content.

Majorly, our role is to craft the content. If you wish to take the promotion services, we will be more than happy to assist you. However, it will come with additional charges. To avail this service, you can get in touch with us here.

Unfortunately, we do not provide any free trials. However, to assess the quality of our work, you can refer to the pre-written samples crafted by our team.

Content Zone caters to an extensive range of industries, including eCommerce, education, IT, real estate, hospitality, finance, banking, and many more. You name it - we will be ready to serve you.

You will have to make 50% upfront payment. Once the project is delivered as per your satisfaction, you can release the remaining 50%.

We understand that sometimes, things don’t work as we imagine. If you’d like to cancel the project mid-way, we respect your decision. However, in such a scenario, we will not be able to refund the 50% you paid upfront.

We accept bank transfers, GPay and PhonePe.

We believe in providing qualitative services; thus, we can help you with keyword research. However, it will come with additional charges.

To make the content satisfactory as per your requirements, we offer up to 3 free of cost revisions. Any modification post that will be chargeable accordingly.